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About Us

MatexNet has offered assistance in the inventory, asset and collaborative requirements of tens of large organizations in the last 10 years. It leverages its strength in the specific understanding of business processes of its clients and uses appropriate technology tools to increase efficiencies for its clients in this domain.

MatexNet provides assistance to organizations in the formulation and deployment of solutions for effective execution of internal and external business processes. With its experience and track record of working closely with several large and medium organizations to manage inventory and partner relationship opportunities, it uses technology effectively in raising the level of efficiencies at both an operational and a relationship level.

Unlike pure technology and software vendor, it works with the company’s processes as opposed to force fitting an existingproduct to different situations. Thus, operational (such as purchase, contracts, maintenance) andstrategic and administrative teams can directly relate to its solutions. MatexNet does uses modern and open methods and technologies,but it strictly views them as a means to an end.

MatexNet has acquired an in-depth experience in handling of goods and services movement in and out of organizations and its involvement in issues such as excess inventory management and purchasing processes. This has enables it to establish excellent relationships with its clients, especially in the collaboration and vendor/supplier/customer relationship space.

The orientation of the company in business process execution, enables it to provide true partner type solutions as opposed to a software product or services vendor who focuses primarily on technology and their products. The by product of this is also significantly lower cost of implementation.

MatexMotors is India's leading automobile exchange platform and an initiative of MatexNet. The company has been specializing in the sale of all types of Vehicles including 2 W, 3W, Cars,Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment Machinery etc for the 25th year now, averaging more than 100+ vehicles every day.

Our Services Include:

1. Online / Offline Sale

2. Bulk Negotiated Deals

3. One-On-One High Value customized sale

4. Valuations

5. Instant Finance Support through Dealer and Buyer Financing

We deliver our services to Banks, Financial Service providers, Dealers, Corporates and Consumers.

E-enable existing systems and/or processes to increase operating efficiency.

Bring forward solutions using the internet to deepen relationships with trading partners